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The IQ4E controller has 10 universal inputs and 6 analogue voltage outputs and is expandable up to 192 points (depending on the controller variant) by adding I/O modules. This flexibility makes it suitable for a broad range of applications.

QVISION is a building monitoring and management solution built upon the powerful Niagara 4 platform. It is capable of integrating Trend controllers, third party devices and internet protocols into a centralised software platform that is designed to manage buildings at an enterprise level.

Trend I/O Modules convert either digital input signals into an analogue signal to be read by the controller, or an analogue signal from the controller to a number of stages of relay output. They act as an interface between the controller and heating and ventilating equipment.

The XTEND enables IQ networks running on the Trend current loop Lan, Ethernet, and LONWORKS network to be integrated into a single network. It operates at the internetwork level, including the necessary support for WANs.