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Add: Building No. 1, East Farzan St, Zafar St, Tehran-Iran
Tel: +98(21)22222643
Fax: +98(21)22228915
Telegram: +98(902)6311011
Postal Code: 19186-34361
E-mail: Honeywell.iran@afaresh.com
Store & Showrooms:
Add: Building No. 48, Ground Floor, Bahar Amin Passage, North Bahar St, Bahar and Taleghani crossing, Tehran-Iran
  Tel: +98(21)77612070
Add: Building No. 8, Ground Floor, Roshan Passage, Between Bahar and Shariati St, East Taleghani St, Tehran-Iran
   Tel: +98(21)77600204

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