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Afaresh co

       Valve manufacturing

                                Quality products

                                                    Since 1982

Afaresh factory

Established in Saveh road 40 km from capital city of Tehran in an area of 8000 sqm where its fully equipped facility can provide the high quality valves, mainly for steam, hot water lines, boiler houses and specially all types of process & safety valves for “steam pressure reducing stations”, etc.

We providing high quality valves made of carbon and alloy steel, cast iron, Brass & Bronze and also for pipe lines, oil, gas, petrochemical, refineries, pharmaceutical, power stations, construction, water industries and other process industries.

Afaresh holds the production quality and quantity manufacturing certificate issued by Iranian Ministry of Industry in 1982.

Our products are certified to all standards including ISO, API, BSI, GOST, DIN, ASTM, etc.

We have single and only objective of 100% satisfaction for our employees, customers, and business partners

We are providing the cutting edge engineered solution to flow control industry


Dr. Abbas Akbari

Managing Director


Type of products

Globe valves                  Butterfly valves

Gate valves                    Safety valves

Globe check valves       Steam traps

Swing check valves       Pressure reducing valves

Strainer valves              Vacuum breakers

Sight glass valves