Honeywell Field Device

When you specify Honeywell field devices, you’re choosing more than exceptional products. You’re choosing the industry’s most comprehensive line of valves, actuators, dampers, sensors, economizers, variable frequency drives and temperature controls.

Honeywell Trend

Honeywell introduces Trend's IQ®4E controller to its building energy management systems portfolio in the Middle East Building on outstanding success of its IQ®4 range, Trend's IQ®4E offers unrivalled levels of flexibility, functionality, performance and convenience.

Honeywell Fema

Reliability and Innovation in the Areas of Pressure and Temperature We can supply you with a variety of products – with the focus on pressure switches, pressure transmitters, and thermostats – to achieve greater reliability and innovation.

Honeywell Fire Safety

For approximately 40 years the ESSER brand stands for custom-made solutions for professional fire protection. Furthermore voice alarm and public address systems as well as intelligent management systems are the company´s core businesses.

Honeywell Water Treatment

KaltecCool reliably prevents the formation of furring inside the whole building. In addition the healthy magnesium proportion in the water is increased and thus the wellness feeling of all residence positively influenced. Corrosion problems are also tackled by stable protective layers inside the pipes.

Schischek Ex

Since 1975 Schischek with headquarter in Germany has supplied electric explosion proof products worldwide for heating, ventilating, air conditioning for industrial and offshore applications.

Afaresh Valve Products

Afaresh factory
Established in Saveh road 40 km from capital city of Tehran in an area of 8000 sqm where its fully equipped facility can provide the high quality valves, mainly for steam, hot water lines, boiler houses and specially all types of process & safety valves for “steam pressure reducing stations”, etc.

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